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calacatta extra

Calacarra Extra marble is renowned for its exquisite appearance, featuring a pristine white background with striking gray veins and occasional gold highlights. This distinctive color palette, highlighted by the luminous white and appealing vein pattern, complements both classic and contemporary interiors seamlessly, aligning with various design aesthetics from elegant minimalism to more opulent themes. The versatility of Calacatta Extra marble extends to its compatibility with various materials and finishes, which allows it to integrate smoothly into any architectural context. Whether used as a statement piece for tabletops, flooring, or wall cladding, its unique patterning ensures that it remains a focal point in any setting. Moreover, the availability of Calacatta Extra in different sizes, finishes, and thicknesses provides designers with flexible options for seamless application. This adaptability makes it an ideal choice for continuous surface coverage, achieving a cohesive and expansive visual effect that enhances the spatial quality of any environment. Whether aiming for harmonious interiors or bold contrasts, Calacatta Extra marble offers a timeless appeal, ensuring it remains a popular choice among architects and designers looking to create sophisticated and inviting spaces.


  • Sizes Available 127" x 63"
  •   48" x 96"
  •   Other sizes available per request
  • Finishes Available Silk
  •   Polished
  •   Other finishes available per request
  • Thickness 12mm (1/2")
  •   6mm (1/4")


  • Sizes Available 48" x 48"
  •   24" x 48"
  •   30" x60"
  •   Other sizes available per request
  • Finishes Available Polished
  •   Matte
  •   Other finishes available per request
  • Thickness 9mm

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